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1997-2005 of release

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Делаем подсветку потолочных карнизов

Care of components of a body and the car bottom

It is necessary to remember that a primary factor defining selling cost of the second-hand car, the condition of its body is. Care procedures кузовными panels are extremely simple, but should be carried out on a regular basis. The scornful relation to the smallest mechanical damages and defects of a paint and varnish covering can lead to fast development of corrosion and necessity of performance expensive кузовного repair. Important also regularly to check a condition of the surfaces hidden from a sight and details, such as arches of wheels, the bottom part of partitions of an impellent compartment, etc.

Base procedure on care of a car body is its sink, preferably plentiful quantity of water, submitted under pressure from a hose. Powerful enough stream easily softens and forces down the dried up dirt and that is important, allows to avoid damage of a paint and varnish covering at a friction about it of separate grains of sand and other abrasive particles. Do not forget to wash out also an arch of wheels and bearing elements of the bottom of the car. Strangely enough, the best time for performance of a sink of elements of a suspension bracket and the car bottom is damp rainy weather when the most part of the accumulated mud adjournment is washed off automatically during movement. Try not to miss possibility and, taking an opportunity, make external survey of the components located under the car.

Once a year, or through each 20 000 km (12 000 miles) run it is necessary to make check of a condition of an anticorrosive covering of the bottom of the car. Preliminary it is necessary to subject the car bottom, including an impellent compartment, steam cleaning in which course multilayered oil adjournment, sticky шлам and a dense dirt especially well leave. If possibility of application of steam cleaning is absent, it is necessary to process by means of a brush surfaces of components subject to cleaning by one of set of solvents let out now.

Last method should not be applied on cars, the anticorrosive which covering of the bottom has a wax basis.

Such annual survey of the car should be made before the beginning of a winter season after good размачивания mud and oil adjournment in the conditions of the raised humidity, characteristic for an autumn season.

The damaged anticorrosive covering should be immediately restored. In an ideal, once a year it is necessary to make full anticorrosive processing of the car, at which protective structure закачивается in a cavity of door panels, thresholds, box-shaped sections bearing кузовных elements and other accessible volumes.

The last does not concern panels and the sections subjected to full anticorrosive processing and загерметизированным industrially.

Completely having washed off a dirt from a paint and varnish covering, wipe surfaces кузовных panels soft suede, returning to polishing initial shine. Processing of surfaces by a polyrole containing wax provides additional protection of a paint and varnish covering against atmospheric influences and allows to restore locally lost polishing. Remember that tarnishing of a paint and varnish covering is connected with the scornful relation to a regular sink of the car more often.

Wax polishing кузовных panels should be made about time in half a year. Paint and varnish coverings of type "metallic" require special leaving with application of special, not containing abrasives of polyroles. Try to check regularly passableness of drainage and ventilating apertures кузовных panels. Do not forget to wipe from time to time some glass, by means of special cleaning structures deleting from their surface a road film. At all do not use for processing of glasses polyroles containing wax or means for care of the chromeplated elements of furnish.

Car sink

At a sink of the car of a brake can dampen. Thereof the length of a brake way increases. Therefore it is necessary to move on the car with moderate speed and slightly to press a brake pedal, to dry brakes.

Do not wash an impellent compartment and sites adjoining to it. If water gets to the inlet pipeline of the engine, on current carrying parts or in an oil tank of the hydraulic booster of a wheel, it can lead to malfunctions in engine and hydraulic booster work.

The most simple way of preservation of an initial condition of the car is a regular care of it. It is necessary to wash the car not less often than an once in a month to exclude its pollution by a road dirt.

The dirt is washed off by a wet sponge and plentiful quantity of soap or cold water. Do not wash the car with warm water or under direct beams of the sun.

Salt, химикалии, insects, it is necessary to delete juice and the bird's dung soft solvent. At application of solvents be convinced that they are neutral washing-up liquids. The water rests leave a soft towel.

If you wash the car in a car wash, whether check up it will cause harm to your car. If the car is equipped by a back spoiler it can be damaged brushes of the washing device or any other equipment.

Sink of the bottom of the car

Химикалии, salt and means for removal of ice from a surface of roads are extremely коррозионноактивными materials and fuel and brake pipelines, cables of brakes and wings, and also a suspension bracket accelerate corrosion of elements of the bottom of the car, such as the muffler.

Therefore it is necessary to wash out regularly warm or cold water an internal surface of wings to reduce destroying influence of the specified means.

Application of devices for a sink warm water

Support distance not less than 30 sm between a nozzle of the washing device and the car.

Do not wash the too long same zone.

If any stain by means of the device does not leave, wash out it manually. Some devices for a sink work as warm water at a heat and pressure that can lead to damage of details from plastic (for example, decorative laths) or to their deformation. Water also can get to an internal part of the car.

Вощение and polishing

Necessarily wash out the car before a covering its wax and polishing. Apply for this purpose polishing means and quality wax and follow recommendations of manufacturers of these materials. The varnished surfaces of the car cover with wax and polish in a cold condition.

Cover and polish both details covered with chrome, and the varnished surfaces. Wax loss on the varnished surface conducts to loss of initial shine and surface ageing. It is recommended to put once a month, at least, one layer of wax or in that case when the surface is not pushed away any more by a water thaw.

If luster of the varnished surface or its colour are damaged, and to restore them by means of wax it is impossible, it is necessary to polish a surface with fine-grained paste. Never polish only the damaged place, and process also places adjoining to it. Polish necessarily only in one direction. It is recommended to polish with paste with grain № 2000. More rough polishing means have lower number and can damage varnishing. After polishing put a wax layer to restore initial shine. Keep in mind that frequent polishing or incorrect polishing can lead to removal of a varnish coat and to a first coat exposure. In the presence of problems address in service of service SUBARU or in special workshops on a covering of cars.

Clearing of aluminium disks

Necessarily clear aluminium disks of a dirt. If the dirt remains on disks long time, it will be difficult for removing.

Do not apply to this purpose soap with grinding paste. Apply a neutral washing-up liquid and plentifully wash out water. Do not clear disks of a wheel a rigid brush and do not apply for this purpose water under pressure.

Body (including aluminium disks) clear water if it was exposed to influence of sea water, sea wind or moved on the roads strewed by salt or other means.

Clearing of glasses of antifog headlights (if are available)

If for clearing of glasses it is necessary to remove antifog headlights, follow the instructions resulted in Section Replacement of lamps of lighting devices of the Head the Onboard electric equipment.
For clearing of protective glasses of antifog headlights park the car in a safe place, switch off the engine and check up, that protective glasses were not hot.

Anticorrosive protection

Car SUBARU is reliably protected from corrosion. Special materials and sheetings of the majority of details are with that end in view applied.

The general reasons of occurrence of corrosion

The general reasons of occurrence of corrosion are:

  1. Congestion of a crude dirt in metal parts of a body, cavities and other details.
  2. Damage of a paint and varnish covering and other sheetings as a result of hit of splinters and stones, and also as a result of small collisions.
Corrosion is promoted by following conditions:
  1. Influence of road salt or means of linkage of a dust. At movement in the areas adjoining to sea coast, the car is exposed to influence of the salt containing in sea air, in industrial areas to influence of the pollution also containing in air.
  2. Movement in district with high moisture content in air, especially if temperature is just above a freezing point.
  3. Preservation long time of a moisture in certain parts of the car, and thus other parts of the car remain dry.
  4. The heat promoting corrosion of elements of the car which owing to insufficient ventilation dry up insufficiently quickly.
Protection against corrosion

It is necessary to wash the car is more often. At movement on the roads covered with salt, in the winter or around coast it is necessary to wash out the car bottom regularly.

After the termination of a winter season the bottom is necessary for washing out carefully. Before the beginning of a winter season it is necessary to check up a condition of the parts located in the bottom part of the car, for example, of system of release, топливопроводов and brake pipelines, brake draughts, a suspension bracket, the steering device and wings. If any element has strongly rusted, it is necessary to spend corresponding processing or to replace it. Carrying out of similar works on service and corresponding processing is spent by service of service SUBARU.

If in a paint and varnish covering there are splinters or scratches, they are necessary for eliminating at once.

Check up the internal equipment of the car on presence of congestions of water and a dirt under rugs as it can lead to corrosion. Check up, whether all is dried up under rugs.

Hold your garage the dry. Do not park the car in the cheese, badly aired garage.

In such garage favorable conditions for corrosion if the sink of the car there is made are created and it is left on drying or in the winter from it snow does not leave.

If your car was maintained in cold weather and-or in areas where there is a road salt or other catalysts of corrosion, it is necessary to grease regularly with greasing door loops and locks, luggage carrier and cowl locks.