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1997-2005 of release

Repair and car operation

Subaru Forester
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- The power supply system and release
   System of release of the fulfilled gases - the general information
   Measurement of pressure of fuel
   Pressure dump in the power supply system
   Principle of action and check of serviceability of functioning of the fuel pump
   Service of the fuel filter
   Check of a condition and replacement of fuel lines and them штуцерных connections
   Service перекидного the valve
   Removal and installation of the case of a throttle
   Injectors of injection of fuel - the general information and service
   Regulator of pressure of fuel - the general data
   Cleaning and repair of a fuel tank - the general data
   Removal and installation of the gauge of measurement of weight of air (MAF)
   Check of serviceability of functioning of system of electronic injection
   Turbo-supercharging system - the general information
   Service of system of a turbo-supercharging
   Release system - the general information
+ Engine electric equipment
+ Control systems of the engine
+ Gear change box
+ Coupling, трансмиссионная a line
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
+ Onboard electric equipment


The power supply system and release

The power supply system - the general information

All models considered in the present Management are equipped by electronic system of injection of fuel distributed (MPFI) type. And, some of models with system of the distributed injection are in addition equipped by a turbo-supercharging.

Systems of the distributed injection of fuel (MPFI)

In systems MPFI giving in the engine of optimum structure of an air-fuel mix on all modes of operation is provided by means of modern electronic technology. The regulator of pressure of fuel supports constant difference of pressure between entrance and target section of each of injection injectors. The regulator is equipped запорным by the valve, a sensitive element мембранного type and the loaded spring. Management of pressure difference is carried out дросселированием fuel in a backlash between запорным the valve and its saddle. Surplus of fuel on a returnable line is taken away back in a fuel tank.

The quantity of fuel injected into the engine is dosed out by management of time of opening of the electromagnetic valves built in in injectors. The quantity of air submitted to the engine is defined by position throttle заслонки and frequency of rotation of a cranked shaft. The gauge of measurement of a stream of air established in an inlet path delivers to the module of management the information on which basis ЕСМ defines demanded duration of opening of injectors.

Control system MPFI on the basis of the analysis arriving from various information gauges carries out continuous monitoring of parametres of injection, providing possibility of updatings at the slightest changes of loading on the engine and other operational characteristics.

The scheme of an arrangement of information gauges in an impellent compartment

As a result, the system allows to lower issue level in atmosphere of the toxic making fulfilled gases, to reduce the fuel expense, to lift capacity of the engine, to optimise parametres of dispersal and braking by the engine, to facilitate start of the cold engine.

Air, having passed an air cleaner, arrives in the throttle case, then further in the inlet pipeline. On the models equipped with system of a turbo-supercharging, air after compression in the compressor is cooled in an intermediate cooler (Intercooler). In the pipeline fuel and the formed air-fuel mix is injected into an air stream through injectors in regular intervals distributed on engine cylinders. Air part on перепускному to the channel is passed bypassing the throttle case. The expense of this additional air is supervised special перепускным by the valve at the expense of what administration of idling turns is exercised.

A part of the module of management the self-diagnostics block serves for revealing of malfunctions in work of system and provides operation of the protective mechanisms translating corresponding knots in a mode of emergency functioning with working parametres set by default.

The fuel pump and gasoline pipe lines

Giving of fuel from a petrol tank in system of injection and return of its surplus back in a petrol tank is carried out on two metal lines laid under the bottom of the car.

The scheme of an arrangement of the fuel pump and connection to a fuel tank of lines of giving and fuel return

1  — the  Thermofilter
2  —  Assembly скобы fastenings of a fuel tank
3  — the  Left protector
4  — the  Right protector
5  — the  Fuel tank
6  — the  Basic arm of the electromagnetic valve of management of pressure
7  — the  Electromagnetic valve of management of pressure
8  —  Hose G of system of catching of fuel evaporations (EVAP)
9  — the  Tube And systems EVAP
10  — the  Sealing lining of assemblage of the fuel pump

11  —  Assemblage of the fuel pump
12  — the  Sealing lining запорного the fuel valve
13  —  Zapornyj the valve
14  — the  Hose From system EVAP
15  — the  Hose And systems EVAP
16  — the  Collar
17  — the  Connecting tube
18  — the  Hose In systems EVAP
19  — the  Set of tubes of system EVAP

Погружной the electric fuel pump лопастного type is located in a petrol tank and united in uniform assemblage with the block of the gauge of the expense of fuel. On a gasoline pump exit the fuel filter providing a filtration of particles in the size to 20 30 micron is provided.

The system of return of fuel evaporations carries out tap of steams of fuel back in a petrol tank on a separate returnable line. The fuel tank is equipped by a cover of a special design in which the safety valve which is not supposing excessive lowering of pressure in a tank concerning the atmospheric is built in.

Cover of a fuel tank

The fuel pump continues to function during all operating time of the engine, i.e. while ЕСМ receives basic impulses from electronic system of ignition (see the Head the engine Electric equipment). Later 2 3 seconds after a stopping delivery of basic impulses the pump stops.

On some models it is used additional эжекторный the pump.

The functioning scheme эжекторного the pump

The pump uses energy of a stream of surplus of fuel returned from the engine for creation in the working chamber of depression. Created depression facilitates procedure всасывания fuel. At перекрывании a jet of a returnable line of fuel comes back back in a petrol tank through редукционный the valve.