Subaru Forester

1997-2005 of release

Repair and car operation

Subaru Forester
+ Cars Subaru Forester
+ The maintenance instruction
+ Routine maintenance
+ The engine
+ Systems of cooling, heating
- The power supply system and release
   System of release of the fulfilled gases - the general information
   Measurement of pressure of fuel
   Pressure dump in the power supply system
   Principle of action and check of serviceability of functioning of the fuel pump
   Service of the fuel filter
   Check of a condition and replacement of fuel lines and them штуцерных connections
   Service перекидного the valve
   Removal and installation of the case of a throttle
   Injectors of injection of fuel - the general information and service
   Regulator of pressure of fuel - the general data
   Cleaning and repair of a fuel tank - the general data
   Removal and installation of the gauge of measurement of weight of air (MAF)
   Check of serviceability of functioning of system of electronic injection
   Turbo-supercharging system - the general information
   Service of system of a turbo-supercharging
   Release system - the general information
+ Engine electric equipment
+ Control systems of the engine
+ Gear change box
+ Coupling, трансмиссионная a line
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
+ Onboard electric equipment

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Service of system of a turbo-supercharging

Removal and installation турбокомпрессора

Installation details турбокомпрессора

Installation details турбокомпрессора

1 — the  Tube of a supply of oil
2  — the  Inlet air line
3  —  To an air inlet
4  —  Turbokompressor
5  — the  Tube охладительного a path
6  — the  Tube oil plum
7  — the  Basic arm
8  —  Perepusknoj the air valve
9  — the  Hollow bolt штуцерного connections


The scheme of connection of vacuum hoses

1  —  Perepusknoj the air valve
2  — the  Valve of switching of pressure
3  —  To an air inlet
4  —  To турбокомпрессору
5  —  To an operating diaphragm
6  —  To the inlet pipeline



1. Remove assemblage of an intermediate cooler (see more low).
2. Empty system of cooling of the engine (Routine maintenance see the Head).
3. Disconnect from турбокомпрессора an air line and an air inlet.
4. Disconnect vacuum hoses from турбокомпрессора and drive diaphragms перепускного the valve of dump of pressure.
5. Remove cooling air line.
6. Disconnect from турбокомпрессора the central pipe of system of release of the fulfilled gases.

At release fixture try not to bend draught of a drive перепускного the valve!

7. Remove the central section of system of release of the fulfilled gases (the Section release System - the general information see).
8. Remove the bottom cover турбокомпрессора.

Removal order турбокомпрессора


1. Give fastening nuts турбокомпрессора to the inlet pipeline.
2. Release fixture and disconnect a tube of giving of oil from турбокомпрессора and heads of cylinders.
3. Loosen the collars also disconnect турбокомпрессора tubes охладительного a path.
4. Release a collar of fastening of a drainage tube from outside heads of cylinders.
5. Raise турбокомпрессор and liberate a drainage tube.
6. Installation is made upside-down, - track reliability of fastening of vacuum hoses and observance of requirements to efforts of a tightening of carving connections.


The perepusknoj valve of dump of pressure


1. Check up a condition and reliability of connection of the hoses established between перепускным by the valve, турбокомпрессором and operating electromagnetic valve.
2. Disconnect a vacuum hose from a drive diaphragm перепускного the valve, - at once закупорьте the open end of a hose.
3. Instead of a hose connect the manual air pump and create on a diaphragm pressure in 73.6 88.3 кПа. Make sure of moving приводной draughts of the valve.

In order to avoid damage of a diaphragm do not create on it pressure over the specified!

Pressure of pressurisation

Check of pressure of pressurisation

1  —  to Connect hoses
2  — the  Valve of switching of pressure
3  — the  Manometer
4  —  To car salon
5  —  to Cork
6  — the  Gauge of pressure of air
7  — the  Operating electromagnetic valve



1. Disconnect a vacuum hose from the valve of switching of pressure and upon its place connect a manometre. Develop a manometre so that its indications could be read out from a driver's place.
2. Disconnect from the operating electromagnetic valve both hoses brought to it and connect them among themselves.
3. Warm up the engine to normal working temperature, disperse it by full opening throttle заслонки to turns nearby 3600 in a minute and consider the manometre indication. The rating value makes 66.7 86.6 кПа. At excess of the top border of an admissible range check up a condition and reliability of fastening of hoses of management of a drive перепускного the valve, - the probability of jamming of the valve in the closed position is not excluded also. Excessively low pressure is a malfunction sign турбокомпрессора.

Compressor condition


1. At the excessive expense of oil remove the central pipe of system of release of the fulfilled gases and attentively examine a turbine wheel. Presence on blades considerable сажистых adjournment, no less than begin to flow oils between a snail and the case of bearings, testifies to oil leaks from outside turbines.
2. Presence of oil streams from outside the compressor not so necessarily is a sign of leaks, - is not excluded that it only result of condensation of oil from картерных system PCV gases. To development of leaks usually conducts deterioration of a shaft of the compressor or its bearings, - remove турбокомпрессор from the engine and make measurement люфтов its shaft. In случает if results of measurements differ from rating values (0.09 mm: for axial люфта and 0.17 mm: for radial люфта), replace assemblage турбокомпрессора.

Dismantling and the subsequent adjustment турбокомпрессора are connected with considerable difficulties. At assemblage removal try not to suppose hit in a dirt, dust and extraneous subjects!

3. At detection of signs of development of leaks of oil from a submitting tube it is necessary to replace established under a hollow bolt штуцерного connections sealing washers. Track, that after replacement of washers the bolt has been tightened with demanded effort (14.7 17.7 Nanometers).
4. Examine the case турбокомпрессора on presence of signs of development of leaks of a cooling liquid. In case of need replace a defective lining or a hose. The demanded effort of a tightening of a hollow bolt штуцерного connections of a tube of a water shirt makes 22 25 Nanometers.

Intermediate cooler (интеркулер)

Removal of components

Интеркулер (Intercooler)

Plums of a cooling liquid

1  — the  Drain stopper
2  — the  Vinyl hose


Cooler removal is made in gathering with air lines

1  — the  Target air line
2  — the  Entrance air line



1. Uncover a cooler tank.
2. Turn out a drain stopper and let out cooling liquid.
3. Disconnect hoses of a supply of a cooling liquid.
4. Turn out bolts of fastening of a cooler.
5. Remove перепускной the air valve.
6. Remove collars from both parties of air lines (at турбокомпрессора and a cooler), remove a cooler, simultaneously dismantling air lines.

Radiator интеркулера


1. Remove a decorative lattice of a radiator.
2. Remove a forward bumper.
3. Empty cooling system (Routine maintenance see the Head).
4. Release fixing collars and disconnect from a radiator hoses.
5. Turn out two fixing bolts and remove радиаторную assemblage.

The water pump of an intermediate cooler

Details of fastening of the pump интеркулера

1  —  Nuts
2  —  Bolts and rubber pillows
3  — the  Contact socket



1. Empty cooling system (Routine maintenance see the Head).
2. Remove the left forward wheel.
3. Remove локер protection of a wheel arch.
4. Working in an impellent compartment, give nuts of fastening of a basic arm of the pump of an intermediate cooler. Turn out fixing bolts and remove rubber pillows of support of fastening of the pump to a body.
5. Disconnect from pump assemblage electroconducting.
6. Release a fixing collar and disconnect from the pump a hose.

Check of a condition of components


1. Attentively examine tubes of the heat exchanger of a radiator on presence of cracks, deformations and other mechanical damages.
2. Check up, whether погнуты ламели оребрения the heat exchanger.
3. Pull on connecting branch pipes of pump assemblage hoses and lower them in capacity with water. Submit on to the electromotor of a drive of the pump a food from the battery (12) and make sure that the liquid circulates normally.


The pump and radiator интеркулера

Installation is made in an order, the return to an order of dismantle of components. Track, that all carving connections have been tightened with demanded effort.

Details of installation of the pump and radiator интеркулера

1  — the  Cooler
2  — a  cooler Rack (models with a right-hand steering - at the left)
3  — a  cooler Rack (models with a link sided steering - on the right)
4  — a  cooler Rack (models with a right-hand steering - in front)
5  — a  cooler Rack (models with a link sided steering - in front)
6  — a  cooler Radiator
7  — the  Arm
8  — the  Rubber plug

9  — the  Pump
10  — the  Drain stopper
11  — the  Pillow
12  — the  Pillow
13  — the  Arm
14  — the  Arm
15  — the  Pillow
16  — the  Remote plug
17  — the  Washer
18  — the  Relay
19  — the  Resistor
20  — the  Arm


Path refuelling интеркулера a turbo-supercharging

1  — the  Drain stopper
2  — the  Stopper of release of air stoppers
3  — a  tank Cover
4  — the  Cooler
5  — the  Pump
6  — the  Radiator



1. Connect to a cooler entrance and target air lines, fix sleeves collars.
2. Get an entrance air line on турбокомпрессор, the day off - on the throttle case. Reliably tighten fixing collars.
3. Fix cooler assemblage on basic racks.
4. Connect to the heat exchanger water hoses.
5. Establish перепускной the air valve.
6. Track, that all fixture has been tightened with demanded effort.
7. Uncover a tank of system and ослабьте a stopper of release of air stoppers on the right above on a cooler radiator.
8. Continue to fill in slowly cooling liquid until it will not start to exude through a stopper of release of air stoppers. Tighten a stopper.

The working volume of system makes about 1.9 l.