Subaru Forester

1997-2005 of release

Repair and car operation

Subaru Forester
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- Gear change box
   - 5-step manual box of a gear change (РКПП)
      The general information
      Removal and installation of a box of a gear change
      Preparation for performance of repair work on restoration РКПП
      Dismantling and assemblage of a distributing box, service of components
      Major repairs РКПП of all-wheel drive models
      Service of a drive of a gear change
      Service of the lever of switching of a distributing box
   + 4-step automatic transmission (АТ)
+ Coupling, трансмиссионная a line
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
+ Onboard electric equipment

Вождение в жару – 5 советов, как выжить за рулем летом

Preparation for performance of repair work on restoration РКПП


1. Before dismantling of a box of a gear change carefully clear its surface картера of a dirt, greasing and oil.
2. Turn out a drain stopper and merge from a box трансмиссионное oil. Having finished, replace a sealing washer, screw a stopper into place and tighten it with demanded effort (41 47 Nanometers).
3. Transfer the box removed from the car on the assembly stand № 499937100.
4. Remember that all components removed in the course of dismantling should be cleared carefully, then to check up their condition and to try to estimate degree of deterioration for the purpose of decision-making concerning their further use.

Replacement of bearings is made in following cases:
  1. In the presence of mechanical or corrosion damages of any of holders, and also balls/rollers;
  2. In the presence of obvious signs of excessive deterioration подшипниковой assemblages;
  3. At infringement of smoothness and noiselessness of rotation of the bearing, - the bearing can be used repeatedly if noise at its rotation disappears after assemblage greasing трансмиссионным oil.
Signs of necessity of replacement of plugs of gear wheels are:
  1. Excessive deterioration or mechanical damages of an external or internal surface of the plug;
  2. Deterioration of a surface of a shaft contacting to the plug.

Check of the back bearing of a shaft of a leading gear wheel of the main transfer is made before dismantling of knot of a secondary shaft. And it is necessary to remember that owing to a pretightness the given bearing will rotate a little more hardly, than other.

Replacement of gear wheels is made if:
  1. Are available сколы, cavities or other mechanical damages of teeths;
  2. There are signs of excessive deterioration or mechanical damages of an internal or face surface of gear wheels.
Signs of necessity of replacement of blocking rings of the synchronizer are:
  1. Excessive deterioration or damage of an internal or face surface;
  2. The backlash size between an end face of a ring and шлицевым a gear wheel wreath becomes less than limiting admissible value (excessive density of landing of a ring on a gear wheel cone), the backlash rating value makes 1 mm, minimum admissible - 0.5 mm;
  3. Excessive deterioration or damage interfaced to crackers of the synchronizer of surfaces.
Crackers (sliding keys) synchronizer are replaced in case of revealing of any mechanical damages.

Epiploons and rubber sealing rings recommend to replace composers of the present Management without dependence from their condition.

The worn out or damaged components of the main transfer and differential (a gear wheel, roller bearings, persistent washers, axes, pins, cases etc.) also are subject to replacement.

Check of a condition of a blocking ring of the synchronizer

1  — the  Blocking ring
2  — a  backlash Subject to measurement