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1997-2005 of release

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Subaru Forester
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   - 4-step automatic transmission (АТ)
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      Problem diagnostics АТ - the general information
      Adjustments АТ
      Electrohydraulic control system АТ, - the general information, appointment of basic elements
      Self-diagnostics system, reading of codes of malfunctions
      Removal and installation АТ
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+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
+ Onboard electric equipment

Бензиновий або дизельний двигун. Що вибрати?

Problem diagnostics АТ - the general information

Refusals АТ occur on one of following five reasons more often:
  1. Decrease in efficiency of return of the engine;
  2. Infringement of adjustments;
  3. Malfunction of hydraulics;
  4. Mechanical damages;
  5. Refusals of the onboard processor / its alarm chain.
The problem diagnostics always should begin with the most simple checks: estimate level and condition ATF (Routine maintenance see the Head) check up adjustment of drives of a gear change and throttle заслонки. Further, spend trial runs of the car for the purpose of definition of efficiency of the brought corrections. If to eliminate a problem it was not possible, it is necessary to drive away the car on a car repair shop for more detailed diagnostics with application of the special equipment. The description of infringements of functioning АТ some of symptoms is resulted in Section Diagnostics of malfunctions of knots and car systems in the beginning of the present Management.

Primary checks

During a short trip warm up transmission to normal working temperature.

Check up level ATF (Routine maintenance see the Head).
  1. If the liquid has not enough, make corresponding updating, having added necessary quantity fresh ATF. Be convinced of correctness of the spent updating under indications measuring probeа, then check up transmission on presence of signs of external leaks (see more low);
  2. If level is excessively high, merge surplus ATF, then check up it on presence of traces of presence of the cooling liquid, testifying to infringement of tightness of internal partitions of the radiator separating its heat exchanger from lateral tanks with ATF;
  3. If ATF it is made foam, empty transmission and fill with its fresh liquid, - merged ATF check up on presence of traces of presence of a cooling liquid.
Check up installation of turns of idling of the engine (GlavuSistemy of a food and release see). In case of need drive away the car on a car repair shop for performance of corresponding adjustments.

If the engine is not perfectly in order, it is not necessary to start performance of primary checks of transmission until corresponding corrections will be made.

Make sure of correctness of adjustment and smoothness of a course of draught/cable of a drive of switching of draught.

Diagnostics of leaks ATF

The general information

The majority of leaks easily come to light at visual check. Repair usually consists in replacement of a corresponding defective epiploon or a lining. If to reveal a source of leak during external survey it is not possible, operate, as it is described more low.

First of all it is necessary to exclude probability of an error in definition of the nature of leak. It is not necessary to confuse ATF to impellent oil or a brake liquid (трансмиссионная the liquid usually has dark red colour).

For revealing of a source of leak make short (some kilometres) a trip, then park the car over the spread blank leaf of a cardboard. After pair minutes the leak source can be revealed in the wake of a liquid dripping on a cardboard.

Attentively examine a suspected site and a surface surrounding it, special attention giving to joints interfaced прокладочных surfaces. For the purpose of expansion of a corner of the review take advantage of a pocket pocket mirror.

If to reveal a leak source still it is not possible, carefully wipe a surface of a suspected site the rags moistened with solvent, then dry it.

Make one more short trip, this time often changing speed of movement, then again examine the cleaned suspected site.

After revealing of a source of leak, it is necessary to define and eliminate the reason of its development, and only then to pass to performance of a necessary recovery work. Replacement of the damaged lining will not lead to desirable result if to leave not eliminated the defect of the interfaced surface which have led to an exit of a sealant out of operation. So, the deformed flange it is necessary отрихтовать.

In below-mentioned subsections the most typical reasons of development of leaks ATF and conditions which should be executed that there were no relapses are listed.

Part from the listed requirements cannot be executed without application of the special equipment. In this case the car should be driven away on a car repair shop.

Leaks through прокладочные surfaces

Periodically examine the pallet картера transmissions. Check presence on the places and reliability of a tightening of fixing bolts, watch, that on a cover there were no traces of mechanical damages (pallet deformation can lead to failure located in transmission клапанной assemblages).

Excessively hard tightening of fixing bolts, infringement of passableness of a ventilating line, mechanical damage of a sealing surface concern number of the possible reasons of development of leaks through the pallet картера transmissions, lining destruction, and also occurrence of cracks or порозности walls картера. If the lining of the pallet or картера transmissions is formed by a hermetic pillow, the probability of a wrong choice of type of the last is not excluded. Overflow can result in leaks чрез картера трансмиссионной a liquid, or increase of pressure ATF a pallet lining also.

Leaks through epiploons and cuffs

Excessively high level/pressure ATF, infringement of passableness of a ventilating branch pipe, mechanical damage of walls of a landing nest, damage out of operation concern number of the most typical reasons of an exit of epiploons of transmission actually an epiploon, or wrong installation of the last. The probability of damage of a pin of the shaft passed in an epiploon, or excessive люфт the last as a result of deterioration of bearings is not excluded also.

Check up a condition and correctness of landing of a sealing cuff of a directing tube measuring probeа. Periodically examine on presence of signs of leaks a surface around an arrangement приводной gear wheels of a speedometer/gauge of speed (VSS). In case of need make replacement of a sealing ring.

Leaks through defects in walls картера transmissions

The reason of development of leaks ATF formation of cracks or a time in a body картера transmissions can be, - consult at experts of car-care centre.

Check up tightness штуцерных knots of connection of hoses of cooler ATF.

Leaks through сапун and a jellied mouth

Leaks through сапун ventilation or a jellied mouth can occur owing to overflow of transmission, hit in ATF a cooling liquid, passableness infringement sapuna / a ventilating branch pipe or returnable drainage apertures.

Check of working capacity of transmission on the motionless car

During the given check engine turns in all positions of transmission, except “N” and “Р” are defined. The check purpose is the estimation of working capacity of elements of management and hydrotransformer AT. Serviceability of functioning of the engine is simultaneously checked also.


1. Check up completeness of opening throttle заслонки.
2. Check up oil level in the engine (Routine maintenance see the Head).
3. Check up level ATF (Routine maintenance see the Head).
4. Check up oil level in differential (Routine maintenance see the Head).
5. Having allowed to the engine to work on single turns within nearby 30 minutes, warm up ATF to temperature 60 80С.

The lever of the selector an input of a warming up of the engine should be in position “Р” or “N”.

6. Operating according to instructions of manufacturers of the device, connect to the engine a tachometre, establish a measuring instrument so that its indications could be read out from a driver's place.
7. Cock a lay brake and prop up car wheels противооткатными boots.
8. Check up serviceability of functioning of the mechanism of connection of the lever of a choice of ranges АТ with клапанной assemblage, translate the lever in position “D”.
9. Press a pedal of a foot brake, then smoothly squeeze out against the stop a gas pedal.
10. Wait stabilisation of turns of the engine, then consider the indication of a tachometre and quickly release gas.
11. Translate the choice lever in position “N” and allow to the engine to work on single turns within one-two minutes.
12. Repeat check in positions of transmission “3”, “2” and “R”.

Duration of each check should not exceed 5 seconds, - the testing mode can lead to aggravation of a condition of the failed element of management АТ. After reading of the next indication let's to the engine cool down on single turns within not less than 1 minute (the selector lever it is necessary to translate in position “N” or “Р”).

13. If during check engine turns exceed the maximum admissible value (Specifications see) testing it is necessary to stop and drive away immediately the car on a firm car repair shop for carrying out of more detailed diagnostics and performance of necessary regenerative repair of transmission.
14. Having finished check, make the analysis of its results (see the table).

Result of check

Position of the lever of a choice of a range

Possible causes of a failure

Turns of the engine below the minimum admissible value "D", "R" and "2" Throttle заслонка opens not completely;
Parametres of adjustments of the engine are broken;
Revolves муфта a hydrotransformer free wheeling
Turns exceed the maximum admissible value Only "D" Pressure in a control system does not reach demanded value;
Revolves муфта a forward course;
Has failed муфта a free wheeling of switching 1/2;
Has failed муфта a free wheeling of switching 3/4
Turns exceed the maximum admissible value Only "R" Pressure in a control system does not reach demanded value;
Revolves муфта reverse gear inclusions;
The brake of inclusion of the first transfer and backing transfer revolves
Turns exceed the maximum admissible value Only "2" Pressure in a control system does not reach demanded value;
Revolves муфта a forward course;
The tape brake revolves
Turns exceed the maximum admissible value "R", "D" and "2" Pressure in a control system does not reach demanded value;
Resource ATF is developed