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1997-2005 of release

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   Coupling - the general information and check of a condition of components
   Removal, check of a condition of components and installation of the main cylinder of coupling
   Removal and installation of the executive cylinder of coupling
   Removal of air from a hydraulic path of a drive of deenergizing of coupling
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   Removal, service and installation of forward power shafts
   Removal and installation of assemblage of a rotary fist, service ступичной assemblages
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   Removal, service and installation of a back nave
   Back differential - the general information
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   Removal and installation of back differential
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Coupling - the general information and check of a condition of components

On all models equipped РКПП, one-disk coupling of dry type with диафрагменной a spring is used. The nave of a frictional (conducted) disk of coupling is equipped longitudinal шлицами, entering into gearing with шлицами pins of a primary shaft of a transmission. Frictional and press coupling disks are kept in contact with each other at the expense of the effort developed диафрагменной by a spring of a press disk.

Typical design of assemblage of coupling

1  — the  Conducted disk of coupling
2  — the  Lever of deenergizing of coupling
3  —  Vyzhimnoj the bearing
4  —  Assemblage of a basket with a press disk


Coupling deenergizing is made in the hydraulic way. The deenergizing drive consists of a pedal of the coupling equipped with the tank of the main hydraulic cylinder, connecting lines and the executive cylinder affecting the lever of deenergizing of coupling and выжимной the bearing.

At squeezing of a pedal of coupling in a system path hydraulic pressure rises, результирующее which influence is put to the external end of the lever of deenergizing. At lever turn, fingers of its shaft rest in выжимной the bearing which, in turn, being displaced, nestles on petals диафрагменной springs of a press disk in a coupling basket. Being curved, the spring interrupts contact of press and conducted disks, releasing last.

At coupling service, besides replacement of the components having obvious mechanical damages, it is necessary to make some primary checks (it is supposed that the transmission is in good repair):
  1. First of all it is necessary to make an estimation of level of a liquid in the tank of the main hydraulic cylinder of coupling (Routine maintenance see the Head). In case of need make corresponding updating, having added demanded quantity of a hydraulic liquid, and attentively examine system on presence of signs of leaks. At a devastation of the tank of the main cylinder it is necessary to remove air stoppers (see Has undressed Removal, service and installation of forward power shafts) from a hydraulic path then to check up serviceability of functioning of coupling;
  2. For an estimation of time of switching of coupling start the engine on normal turns of idling. Make sure that neutral transfer is included and release a coupling pedal. Now squeeze out a pedal of coupling and, having waited for some seconds, include a reverse gear. Switching should not lead to occurrence of a gnash and other extraneous noise, with high degree of probability specifying in malfunction of a conducted disk or assemblage of a basket of coupling;
  3. For check of completeness of deenergizing of coupling cock a lay brake and start the engine. Keeping a coupling pedal at height about 13 mm over a floor, попереключайте a box between the first and back transfers. Presence of hindrances at lever switching speaks about malfunction of components of the mechanism of deenergizing. Estimate size of a course of a pusher of the executive cylinder of coupling. At completely squeezed out pedal the pusher should be put forward on appreciable size, otherwise it is necessary to check up level of a hydraulic liquid in the main cylinder;
  4. Make visual check of a condition of axial plugs in the top part of a pedal of coupling. Make sure of absence of signs of jamming and excessive люфта axes;
  5. Having got under the car, make sure of durability of landing of the lever of deenergizing of coupling on a spherical finger of a spherical support.