Subaru Forester

1997-2005 of release

Repair and car operation

Subaru Forester
+ Cars Subaru Forester
+ The maintenance instruction
+ Routine maintenance
- The engine
   Design features and principle of functioning of the engine, - the general information and adjustment клапанных backlashes
   Major repairs and engine service - the general information
   Check of pressure of oil
   Check компрессионного pressure in cylinders
   Diagnostics of a condition of the engine with vacuum gauge application
   Removal of the power unit from the car - preparation and safety measures
   Removal and engine installation
   Alternative variants of schemes of regenerative repair of the engine
   Order of dismantling of the engine by its preparation for major repairs
   Dismantling of drive ГРМ, - removal, check of a condition and installation of components
   Removal, dismantling, check, assemblage and axis installation коромысел, - engines SOHC
   Removal, check of a condition and installation of camshafts
   Service of heads of cylinders
   Service of the block of cylinders
   Greasing system - the general information
   Removal, service and installation
   Removal, check and installation маслоохладителя - only engines DOHC
   Trial start and обкатка the engine after major repairs
+ Systems of cooling, heating
+ The power supply system and release
+ Engine electric equipment
+ Control systems of the engine
+ Gear change box
+ Coupling, трансмиссионная a line
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
+ Onboard electric equipment


Removal and engine installation


Cars of considered model are equipped by system SRS which basic component are safety pillows.

Before to start performance of any works near to an arrangement of gauges of directed overloads SRS, around a steering column or the panel of devices, without fail disconnect system in order to avoid casual operation of pillows of the safety, fraught with reception of serious traumas, - turn the ignition key in position LOCK, disconnect a negative wire from the battery and wait not less than 1.5 minutes (the Head the Onboard electric equipment more in detail see).

If control lamp SRS after battery connection lights up and remains included, the car should be driven away on corresponding diagnostics.


1. Dump pressure in the power supply system (see the Head of the Power supply system and release).
2. Disconnect from the battery a negative wire.

If the stereosystem established on the car is equipped by a security code before to disconnect the battery make sure that have a correct combination for audiosystem input in action!

3. Cover wings and воздухоотражатель under a car windscreen special protective covers, or simply old blankets. Remove a cowl.
4. Remove the storage battery with the adjusting pallet.
5. On models with АТ disconnect lines of cooler ATF and remove a broad tank.
6. Remove assemblage of an air cleaner with an inlet sleeve (see the Head of the Power supply system and release) and antispray screens.
7. Поддомкратьте the car also establish it on props. Empty cooling system, merge impellent oil and remove belts of a drive of auxiliary units (Routine maintenance see the Head).
8. Accurately mark and disconnect from the engine all vacuum lines, hoses of systems of cooling and decrease in toxicity of the fulfilled gases, sockets of electroconducting, the tyre of grounding and gasoline pipe lines. Marks of electroconducting, lines and hoses is better to make by means of an adhesive tape. It will be useful to make also the scheme of a lining of communications, or to execute a series of pictures.
9. Remove the tank of a liquid of washing of a windscreen and a broad tank of system of cooling.
10. Remove the fan of system of cooling with a casing (ами) and a radiator (see the Head of System of cooling, heating).
11. Disconnect from the engine hoses of system of heating of salon.
12. Having uncovered a jellied mouth, dump residual pressure in a fuel tank, then disconnect the gasoline pipe lines going from the engine to elements of the chassis (see the Head of the Power supply system and release). At once закупорьте the open ends of tubes and connecting unions.
13. Disconnect from the engine draught of an accelerator, and at a corresponding complete set of the car, also a cable of inclusion of a mode kick-down and приводной a cable темпостата (see the Head of the Power supply system and release). On models with РКПП disconnect a cable of a drive of coupling/protivootkatnogo of the device.
14. Disconnect a reception pipe of system of release of the fulfilled gases and remove a thermofilter.
15. Disunite contact sockets, liberate plaits of electroconducting from intermediate clamps on the engine, take them aside and fix.
16. On the models equipped with system of hydrostrengthening of a wheel, remove and take aside the steering pump, without disconnecting from it hydraulic lines. If the sufficient empty seat for pump fastening is absent, remove it from the car (the Suspension bracket and a steering see the Head).
17. On the models equipped with a central air of air, отболтите also shift aside compressor K/V (the Suspension bracket and a steering see the Head). Tie up compressor assemblage by a strong cord, without disconnecting from it refrigerator lines.

In case of need the compressor should be removed after a preliminary discharge of system K/V.

18. On the models equipped маслоохладителем, remove last, preliminary having disconnected the hoses brought to it (see the Head of System of cooling, heating).
19. Disconnect a support of a suspension bracket of the power unit from a cross-section beam.
20. Give nuts of fastening of the bottom part of the engine to transmission.
21. Uncover an access aperture to labels of installation of a corner of an advancing of ignition.
22. On models with АТ remove established under a transmission dome the antispray screen of the converter of rotation. Release elements of fastening of the converter of rotation to приводному to a disk (the gear change Box see the Head), then push the converter in a transmission dome.
23. Remove a jet support of a suspension bracket of the power unit.
24. Turn out bolts of fastening of the engine to transmission, - the rotation converter should remain inside картера last.
25. Make sure that anything, except suspension bracket support, any more does not connect the power unit to the car. In case of need, disconnect the forgotten lines of communication, it is preliminary accurate them having marked.
26. Prop up transmission тележечным a jack, - for the purpose of loading distribution lay between a head of a jack and картером transmissions wooden брусок.

Do not carry out any procedures under propped up only one jack the unit!

27. Slowly lower the engine and take it from an impellent compartment.
28. Accurately lower the taken unit on a floor, or remove a flywheel/privodnoj a disk and fix assemblage at the portable assembly stand.

On models with АТ mark with appropriate amount forward and back remote plates drive a disk.



1. Check up a condition of support of a suspension bracket of the power unit. Defective components replace.
2. On models with РКПП check up a condition of components of coupling (will correctly replace all assemblage) (Coupling, трансмиссионная a line see the Head). On models with АТ check up a condition of epiploons and plugs of the converter of rotation.
3. Grease with high-temperature greasing directing bearing (models with РКПП) / a converter nouse (models with АТ).
4. Engine installation is made in an order, the return to an order of its dismantle. Track, that all fixture has been tightened with demanded effort.
5. Depending on a complete set, add in the engine cooling liquid, engine oil, liquid ГУР and ATF (Routine maintenance see the Head).
6. Start the engine and check up it on serviceability of functioning and presence of signs of leaks, then muffle and check up levels of working liquids.